A new website can be a big undertaking ( I know – I just redid mine!) and understanding the value of your investment is paramount. I encourage anyone who is contemplating a redesign to be clear about the reasons behind their decision.

Here are some practical things to consider in evaluating whether you need a redesign:

  1. Get clear about how your current website is working (or not) for you or your business. Does it accurately reflect your mission or your brand?
  2. Ask a discerning friend or colleague to give you honest feedback about their experience on your website. Is it easy to navigate? Is it visually appealing? Is your message clear?
  3. Are people finding you? How well is your SEO plan working for you?
  4. Is it easy for you to manage? Are you paying someone else to add content for you when you’d rather do it yourself?
  5. Does it function correctly? Does it load fast? Do you have 404 and other errors that are making a bad impression?
  6. Does the design look modern?

How does your website stack up? If you still feel resistant to committing to a new website design consider these things:

Things Change

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.

Abraham Maslow
affordable website redesign

This is true in every industry, from real estate to healthcare. Even if what you are offering stays the same, the way to effectively communicate and market what you are offering changes all the time. With technology, things change even faster. Outdated websites are easy to spot and you want to look like you are on top of your business and your field.  A new website design can help you communicate that.

You Need a New Platform

WordPress dominates 76.4% of the CMS market.

WordPress services

If you are on a platform that isn’t working for you, it’s time to switch. For the merits of WordPress, feel free to read more here. Whether you want something you can have more control over, need better SEO or need more functionality, WordPress is a great option for many people.

Your Site is Unattractive or Hard to Navigate

Your website is one of the first impressions that someone will get of your business.

Stoney Degeyter
old website design

An old or unattractive website leaves the same bad first impression of your business that a disheveled appearance leaves in person. In a world where there are some many options and attention spans are dwindling, you want to make sure your website captures your brand and your message as quickly as possible.

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