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I recently noticed when completing my client’s maintenance tasks that several website’s favicons were no longer showing up in my Chrome browser. What is a favicon? It’s that little icon that represents your website’s identity that appears on your web browser’s tab.

For example, here’s what our favicon looks like at Flip Flop Freelance:

You or your web designer probably set your favicon when you launched your website. Besides looking cool, Favicons help distinguish your website on a desktop when the user has multiple windows open.  On mobile devices, if the user saves your website to their home screen, your favicon will display as the icon on multiple devices.

WordPress now has one primary place for site owners (no matter what WordPress theme they are using) to add their favicons. If yours is missing, this is where you should add it.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and find Appearance – Customize
  2. Go to Site Identity
  3. Click on Select site icon
  4. Upload a transparent .png icon that is 512 x 512 pixels (or any square size above 200 x 200 pixels is usually good enough)
  5. Click on the publish button
  6. Refresh your website to ensure that the icon is now showing up
  7. You’re done! Congrats!

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Adding a Favicon