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Flip Flop Freelance specializes in designing and developing professional and affordable WordPress websites. See why we use it exclusively for our work.

Intuitive CMS

The back-end of WordPress is both intuitive and user-friendly and it doesn’t take a computer expert to master it. Not unlike Microsoft Word, WordPress websites allow you to easily insert images and quickly edit text. In fact, you can take a Word document and easily paste it into your page or post.


WordPress is one of the most search engine friendly publishing platforms on the web and has specialized plugins that help you get found.  It’s designed to easily guide search engines (like Google) through your pages to gather the information it needs to include your site in its directory.

Millions of Plugins

If you want functionality added to your website, it’s probably been created in the form of a WordPress plugin. From special forms to custom sliders, to creating user interactions, event booking or selling products online, you can do it easily (and usually inexpensively) with a plugin.

Optimized for mobile

Mobile web usage is skyrocketing and your website should look good on all devices.  WordPress themes selected by Flip Flop Freelance follow the responsive web design approach to create websites that offer optimal user experience by quickly adjusting the layout based on the screen size and resolution.


Working with well-tested themes makes for affordable WordPress websites. Websites that rely on custom coding can be very expensive. By working with a designer, you get a website that performs well and looks unique to your brand!

Up to date

WordPress is an extremely popular CMS and there are many professionals dedicated to updating it daily. Using WordPress means that you don’t have to worry about the technology going extinct and needing to invest in a new website CMS.