Our Process

Web Strategy

Translating who you are and what you do is a vital part of ensuring your website’s success. In the initial discovery phase of the web design process, we will gather information about your business and your goals to better understand what you’d like your website to achieve. Once you have completed our website worksheet, we can use this vital information to move into the next stage of planning.

Establish website goals

Define your brand

Understand your target audience

Create the website sitemap

Select the theme

Create the color scheme

Determine font combinations

Employ usability practices

Design Process

Your website content should be primary. Good web design should compliment your content, not drive it. Once you supply your content, we will take into consideration what content should be highlighted and design bold calls to action to encourage your audience to take action. We also work with you to select color palettes, fonts and other key design elements to compliment your brand.

To keep your website affordable and to speed up the process, we rarely use wireframes in our web design process. Instead, we find designing in the browser and utilizing design elements from your WordPress theme works very well for most of our clients.

Finally, we ensure your design looks good on different browsers & different major devices.


We employ the most up-to-date code in the development community to ensure your website is compatible across modern browsers and is mobile compatible.

Employ best coding solutions for desired functionality

Code for mobile responsiveness

Optimize for SEO & speed

Conduct testing

Website is made public on your domain

Share with friends and associates – celebrate!


Congratulations, your web design process is complete! Your site is now live and functioning properly. Celebrate your success and announce the new launch on social media!


You’ve just invested a great deal of time and energy in creating a website you can be proud of.  Now is not the time to neglect your work of art. Join our maintenance plan to keep your website performance at its peak. We update WordPress core & plugins, take regular back-ups of your site, ensure your site is secure and provide a quarterly report updating you on your site’s health.

Keep WordPress core and plugins up-to-date

Regular back-ups

Security monitoring

Ongoing support