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Do you have Bluehost as your website host? Have you gotten an email lately that says that your account contains more than xxxx directories and if you don’t click on the link provided your account will be shut down?

Bluehost hosts my personal website and many of my clients, and I thought I’d write a quick blog post about this phishing email scam because many of you have contacted me worried. Unfortunately, one client has clicked on the link in the email and was hacked shortly thereafter.

Here is the warning Bluehost just put out:

A phishing email is being sent to some of our customers warning them of too many directories in their account. This email was not sent from Bluehost. Do not click any links in the email and delete it. If you did click on any of the links in the email please secure your account immediately by updating all your account related passwords.

So please, delete this email immediately if you receive it.