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It’s true – when it comes to search engines, Google is king. This isn’t a popular thing to say here in Seattle and as much as my Microsoft friends like to debate how great Bing is, it just doesn’t get the play Google does. Now that we’ve established that, let’s move on to the biggest Google issue of the day – something some techies have named Mobilegeddon.


If that doesn’t scare you, maybe it should – but only if your website is not mobile responsive. On April 21, 2015, Google started combing the internet to determine what websites to rank higher in the search results, and which ones to demote. Those that were deemed to be mobile responsive got a thumbs up, and those who weren’t, well you get the picture.  Google warned that this change to their search algorithm will have a “significant impact” in the search results on mobile devices. In a new era where mobile searches are actually more popular than desktop searches, this has many people concerned.

Not sure how mobile responsive your website is? Google has developed an easy testing tool found here.

Developing a Mobile Friendly Website

For those who have static, non-responsive websites, there are two choices – force their old site to become responsive or have a new one built on an already SEO-friendly platform like WordPress using a mobile friendly theme template. Because choice number one is almost as much coding work (depending on your current website) the price will often be the same. If you’d like to explore redoing your website, please contact me today.