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Introducing Coaching Practice Websites

coaching practice websites

A coach, like any solopreneur, needs a website to present a credible professional image and for clients to find them.  Unfortunately, a custom website is often not in the budget so coaches attempt to build a website themselves. Many quit in frustration before it’s completed.  Those who do manage to complete a website usually have done their website in Squarespace or with GoDaddy’s website builder. This solution allows some coaches to have a decent-looking, basic website but does not solve the problem of clients finding them online.  These services do not have the search engine power that WordPress has.

I developed Coaching Practice Websites out of my passion for both web design and coaching and to fill a need for fellow coaches. Coaching Practice Websites are WordPress website templates I developed especially for all kinds of coaches: life coaches, executive coaches, parent coaches, career coaches, divorce coaches (and I could go on and on). Below I’ll detail what makes our service special.

Online Presence

SEO for Coaches

Coaching Practice Websites provide a perfect solution for coaches on a budget who are concerned with ranking well on Google. While there are other template services for coaches, none of them address search engine optimization quite the way we do (or they make the client pay handsomely for it). Every page is personally optimized for their industry and target market and each coach gets a complimentary hour with us to show them how to continue valuable optimization for all their blog posts.

For additional search engine optimization, coaches also have an option through our SEO add-on to get them registered with Google Business, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics and more.

Affordable & Easy

With Coaching Practice Websites, coaches have three packages to choose from and the basic package starts under $1000. For coaches that want a custom website, I still provide that service as well.

Once a coach chooses a package and template, all they need to do is go through the detailed workbook which shows them exactly what content is needed on each page for us to build the site. It’s incredibly straightforward and easy.

coach website - no DIY
branding for coaches

Custom Branding

One of the concerns that people have with templates is that their website won’t be unique to them. Coaching Practice Websites have addressed this issue directly in several specific ways.

  1. Clients will choose their own color scheme, font and we will design a signature logo (included).
  2. Clients will provide their own images (although we provide access to our Adobe Stock account).
  3. Clients will provide all of their own text.

Except for the general layout of pages and website navigation structure, their site will look very different from the next coaches.


We know that coaches are excited to get their website launched quickly. For our templated websites, after submitting all content, we deliver a quick seven-business-day turnaround.

Sign up today

If you are a coach who needs an affordable website that is both beautiful and packs the SEO punch you need, please contact us today.  If you aren’t a coach but know one, please let them know about our service.