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Like many other professionals, writers and editors are recognizing the advantages of having a website. For writers, a professional website will draw in prospective publishers and readers who will want to know about their work. A good author’s website will contain information about their books, articles, blog posts, and other written materials and will showcase their writing services.

For editors, a website is a great place to show off their skills and knowledge. For anyone hiring an editor, even if they’ve already been recommended by a friend or colleague, a professional with a website will be more credible than one without. A good editor’s website will contain testimonials from clients they’ve worked with, a portfolio of their work, and a quick way to contact them. For both writers and editors, having a website will provide them with the visibility they need.

Finally, many of my other clients struggle with producing high-quality content for their websites. For writers and editors, this task is a natural fit. Coming up with a design might be more challenging. For that reason, this post is dedicated to ten great WordPress website examples for editors and writers that I hope will evoke inspiration.

1. Beth Jusino – Editor, collaborative writer and teacher

editor website design

This website, designed by Flip Flop Freelance, showcases Beth Jusino’s many skills and services. The author of several books, Beth also works with aspiring writers, published authors, and thought leaders looking for better ways to tell their stories. The website has an attractive color scheme, is easy to navigate, and has several clear calls to action including a newsletter signup. Her home page includes rotating testimonials, upcoming events, and links to her service pages.

Best Features
Compelling testimonials
Beautiful, clean, design
Effective calls to action

2. Ginny Smith – Writer, editor & proofreader

writer website design example

This website, designed for Ginny Smith Writes by Flip Flop Freelance, is bright and provides easy navigation to Ginny’s services and her vast writing portfolio. The website also contains many compelling testimonials and an about page that highlights Ginny’s personality and skills. The contact page provides an easy way for prospective clients to hire Ginny.

Best Features
Beautiful, bright, design
Compelling testimonials
Downloads for all of her sample work

3. Good Life Project (Jonathan Fields) – Author & speaker

author website example

Jonathan Field’s Good Life Project website is vibrant and modern. Jonathan is a famous author, and speaker and hosts one of my favorite podcasts. The website is engaging with a video header, bold calls to action, and interactive elements. Jonathan makes it easy to order his book on many different platforms and including testimonials.

Best Features
Engaging, bright, design
Credibility – testimonials & featured in logos
Interactive elements

4. Maxeditorial (David Downing) – Fiction editor

Seattle editor web design

David Downing a talented Seattle-based fiction editor has edited over 200 books. His website, designed by Flip Flop Freelance, showcases his many edited works for many famous authors highlighted in a large image grid. David’s site contains many compelling testimonials, a blog and is easy to navigate.

Best Features
Many compelling testimonials
Book grid
Showcases his vast work

5. Davis Ashura – Author

Author websites

Davis Ashura, whose website was done by Rocket Expansion is a fanciful tribute to David’s Epic Fantasy genre. Filled with beautiful imagery, it is well organized, has bold calls to action to buy his books, and contains an interesting mega menu design.

Best Features
Fanciful, enchanting, design
Easy to navigate
Good calls to action

6. The Bookish Fox (Sarah Fox) – Editor

editor website example

Sarah Fox, of the Bookish Fox, has a website with an attention-grabbing design, bold fonts and clearly laid out services. Her personality shines through and sets her apart from other editors. It is filled with case studies and testimonials, a fun quiz, and witty humor. It also looks good across mobile devices.

Best Features
Fun, bold, design & text
Compelling case studies
Good calls to action

7. KM Editorial (Katie McCoach) – Editor

developmental editor web design

Katie McCoach, of KM Editorial, has a website with a bright and fun color scheme, and sophisticated fonts. She has peppered testimonials throughout her website and provided compelling teasers to sections on her website from her homepage.

Best Features
Fun calls to action
Cohesive and fun cactus theme
Easy to navigate

8. Helen Hoang – Author

author web design example

Helen Hoang’s website is bright, minimalist, and well organized. She displays easy links to her social media that are fixed as you scroll down the page.

Best Features
Clear calls to action
Great use of white space
Prominent social media

9. Robert Galbraith – Author

author web development

Robert Galbraith’s website is unique and artistic. The homepage displays a montage of his work in a creative and fun layout. His header and footer provide easy navigation.

Best Features
Artistic and unique
Easy to navigate
Great content

10. David Sedaris – Author

wordpress for authors

World renown author, David Sedaris, has a simple yet sophisticated website that provides links to events, many ways to buy his recent books and good calls to action.

Best Features
Clean design
Easy to navigate
Video integration

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