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As part of my web design process with new clients, I regularly ask them to show me other websites that they like.  They send me a list of websites with a detailed response of what aspects they liked most. These aspects usually include:  how the navigation is laid out, whether there is a large slider on the homepage,  footer layout, color scheme, etc. I also like to get an idea about what they do not like.  When I follow up, I check to see if the websites they liked best were built with WordPress. If the sample websites are built on WordPress and have many elements that they are looking for,  it’s helpful to identify what theme is used.

I know this can be difficult for a non-techie so I decided to hunt for resources. Here are several resources:

  1. Finding out if a website is using WordPress –  with Is it WordPress tool by WP Loop
  2. Learning what theme it uses – with What WP Theme is That?